At PRL we place a high value on our reputation for Dependability and Innovation.

When we sell a product, we are not just selling glass or metal. We are selling a complete system with the fastest on time delivery, highest quality production and best customer service in the industry. In addition, we continue to expand our product lines, providing you with single source availability and liability.

Our three top performing products of 2nd Quarter are heavy tempered glass; no one delivers 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 or 3/4″ faster, without back orders!!!Our new Aluminum Bi-Fold Doors are taking off like hot-cakes! Customers are thrilled to have a new source for a top quality Bi-Fold Door system in half the lead time of others! And no one can beat our laminated glass lead time! Tempered/laminated/IG units are shipping in 3 days when lead time is critical!! Impact rated laminated glass using SGP (Sentryglass Plus) interlayer is in high demand in new construction for greater safety, higher strength and superior edged durability.

Customers are realizing the added value that comes with buying PRL products. Our values lead to profitability for you!

Keep it simple!! Experience the benefits of teaming up with PRL….!