PRL’s All-Glass Door Samson Patch Closer makes installation simple. A great alternative to overhead and traditional floor spring closers, this hydraulic Euro hardware is a reliable patch fitting and a closer all-in-one. Made for interior pivoting all-glass entries, they’re mounted without a concrete recess, so you don’t have to core out the floor. Read on to learn how our Samson patch closers work. Loaded with tons of features, this is one component you must have, ideal for shallow floors where conventional closers aren’t suitable.

How Do I Install Your Fitting & Closer Hardware?

  • Samson Euro closers are built into bottom fittings, Just fasten its base plate to the floor. No more digging to core out floors to attached a closing device!

Are Hydraulic Closers Large in Size? Do They Obstruct Door Views?

  • It is smaller than a patch rail, they’re slightly larger than standard Euro fittings. Compact size yields clean, streamlined, profiles for all-glass doors, the hydraulic closing device in a compact unit makes for an aesthetically cleaner look.

Will Patch Closers Work on All Kinds of All-Glass Doors?

  • The Patch was manufactured for Interior swing commercial & residential entrances.
  • Non-Handed for left or right operating ingress doors.
  • Dual action 150° suitable for single or double action doors.
  • Fits All-Glass Door Thicknesses: 3/8” – 9/16” Tempered Glass

What’s Samson Fittings Max Door Weight & Width specs?

  • Max Door Weights: Up to 220 lbs.
  • Max Door Widths: Up to 39”

What Features Do Samson Fittings Offer?

  • ADA compliant heavy-duty hydraulic hardware
  • Opening forces & adjustable opening & closing speeds
  • 90° or 105° hold or no-hold options

How Many Finishes Can I Specify for Patch Closers?

  • Available Finishes: Brushed & polished stainless steel

When Will My Euro Hardware Arrive?

  • Standard lead-times are only 3 days!
  • Get them the next day with our Urgency program!

Samson Hydraulic Door Patch Closer

Don’t limit yourself to traditional all-glass door hardware. Bid PRL’s All-Glass Door Samson Patch Closer! Always working for our customers, we solve glazing industry problems. Get easy, contact-free shopping! Use PRL’s online system and buy everything you need 24/7. Order without the hassle of masks now!

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