PRL Glass continues to seek innovative, economical solutions for our customer’s interior glass applications. Our Samson popular heavy duty glass door patch fitting is the ideal solution for interior entrance doors where the floor is too shallow for a closer. It is a patch fitting and closer in one! And it is both attractive and cost effective that you need to try it! Housed in a fitting smaller than a patch rail, is a complete ADA rated closer mechanism; no need to core out the floor. Simply fasten the base plate to the floor and your door is operational! At the top of the door the standard small European patch works with a surface mount or walking beam pivot. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Save labor, save time, save cost, while providing your customer with a clean and beautiful “all glass entry”. Standard lead times for this system is just 3 days, with next day service available on our Urgency program! Patch lock housings are available to complement the entry when security is necessary.

Our helpful team members welcome your inquiries for pricing and details!