Need aluminum curtain walls for low, mid or high rise commercial buildings? Shop at PRL! We offer 3 series of offset glazed systems that exceed all industry-standard performance requirements. Equipped with interchangeable parts and stocking several face caps, our curtain walls can’t be beaten. They enable infinite mullion depths and customizations. Sold with multiple features, finishes and glass types, our aluminum systems meet boundless specifications.

High Performance You Can Rely On. PRL’s Aluminum Curtain Wall Systems.

Aluminum Curtain Wall Series:

  • All Series: 1″ offset glazed systems with 2 ½” face widths
  • PLCW-600 Series: 6″ overall mullion depth
  • PLCW-700 Series: 7″ overall mullion depth
  • PLCW-1000 Series: 10″ overall mullion depth


  • Systems Available: Pressure or structural silicone glazed
  • Application Types: Pressure cap or silicone butt joint
  • Front Set Glass Panes: Accommodate vast glass types
  • Glass Thicknesses Accepted: 3/8″ – 1 ½”

Curtain Wall Finishes:

  • Standard Aluminum: Clear & bronze anodized, mill finish
  • Custom: Powder coats & Kynar paints

Architectural Glass Types:

  • Tempered, laminated & IG units
  • Low E, tinted, reflective & more!

Buy aluminum curtain walls at PRL. Providing everything from shop drawings to job site delivery, we’re your single-source supplier. Call us now to get yours! 877-775-2586. Save time and order online! Featuring PRL’s finest product lines, it’s the easy way to shop.

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