Yes, it’s true! PRL has the fastest aluminum product lead-times. You can get our storefronts, Max aluminum sliders, accordion bifold doors and handrail base shoes quicker from us than anybody else. Just how fast is fast? We answer that below as well as what components you can quote and if any conditions apply. So, now you can complete your projects on time! Whether you’re a glazier or a window and door dealer, you’ll get your aluminum products with the fastest lead-times. Order yours now!


How Fast Can I Get These Aluminum Products

*Storefront System Lead-Times: 2-Weeks

Storefront Stock Length Lead-Times: Next-Day
(24ft stock lengths)

*Max Aluminum Sliders Lead-Times: 2-Weeks

*Accordion Bifold Sliding Door Lead-Times: 2-Weeks

*Rapid Dryset Base Shoe Lead-Times: Next-Day

(10ft & 20ft stock lengths)

Order Details: Order must be placed by noon
*Restrictions may apply. Consult us for details


Bid at PRL and get the fastest aluminum product lead-times! Our fast is faster than anybody else. Need your materials right away? Shop with us online! Accessible 24/7, we’re there when it matters. Place your order now!

Tempered Glass within hours!


Tempered Glass within hours! *

24-hours Tempered Glass**

*Restrictions and fees may apply
**Restrictions may apply, Consult us for details

Fastest Lead-Times in The Industry!

PRL Glass Systems, Inc.
13644 Nelson Ave
City of Industry, CA. 91746
For estimates & orders

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