PRL Glass Systems Inc., based in Los Angeles County, California is a supplier of complete Architectural Glass and Metal Systems to the Contract Glazing Industry.  Our product lines include All Glass Entrance Systems and Aluminum Storefront Entrance Systems including complete hardware packages, Handrail/Guardrail Systems, All Glass Shower Systems and Fabricated Glass.

We are a very unique company in that we fabricate both Glass and Metal products in our facilities.  This makes PRL one few companies capable of producing Complete Architectural Glass and Metal Systems for the Glazing Industry.  This single source advantage gives our customers an edge, providing convenience, quality control and the fastest production time in the industry.

The glass products we fabricate include Tempered Glass (1/8” through 3/4″ thick) including 5/8” and 3/4″ Low Iron Glass, Insulated Glass Units, Laminated Glass, Opaci-coat Spandrel Glass, Low E, Tinted and Textured Glass as well as Table Tops, Mirrors and Custom Sandblasted Glass.  Our furnace capacity for tempered glass includes widths up to 98” and lengths up to 184”.  Our laminated glass capacity is 98” x 153”.  Custom edgework produced by our craftsmen and state of the art machinery is unsurpassed.

Our 2400 ton Aluminum Extrusion Press has a die diameter capacity of 8-1/2”.  This allows us to produce the majority of the Aluminum Storefront Frames, Glass Door Profiles and Handrail extrusions that we offer.  Some of our extrusions include:

Center-Glazed Storefronts:  1-3/4 x 4, 1-3/4 x 4-1/2 and 2 x 4-1/2
Offset-Glazed Storefronts:  1-3/4 x 4, and 2 x 4-1/2
Curtain Wall Systems:  6”, 7” and 10”
Wet set and Dry set Glass Door Rails
Wet set and Dry set Handrail/Guardrail Base Shoes
Aluminum Handrail Top Caps

PRL Aluminum continues to move forward in producing our own Aluminum Extrusions using our 2350 US Ton Extrusion Press.

Aluminum Extrusions using our 2350 US Ton Extrusion Press

We manufacture a full line of UL approved Tubular Panic Hardware and Ladder Pull Handles for All Glass Entrance Doors.  We stock a large variety of Glass and Aluminum Door Hardware including Closers, Euro-Style Glass Door Fittings, Push-Pull Handles, Manual and Electromagnetic Shear Locks, Electric Strikes, Panic Devices, Perimeter Framing and Channels; everything that goes into producing Complete Architectural Glass and Metal Systems.

Our metal fabrication machinery includes brake presses up to 12’ long.  We stock a full line of stainless steel, brass and anodized aluminum sheets.  Some of the products our Brake Metal Department produces are Monumental Full Framed Clad Doors and Frames, Transom Panels, Infill Panels, Sill Pans, Column Covers and Handrail Top Caps.  All welding and polishing is done in-house.

Our Entrance Systems are not to be out done by our Heavy Glass Shower Department.  We stock a full line of PRL Shower Hinges, Clamps, Channels and Handles in the most popular finishes.  We supply swinging and sliding door systems.  Shower enclosures can be supplied with coated glass, either applied after tempering or “Shower Glass” which has the sealer integrated into the glass during the manufacturing process.  We can work from opening dimensions, calculating all clearances or fabricate from finished glass sizes provided.

The Architectural Glass and Metal products we supply are backed up by an office and production staff of highly qualified individuals with years of experience, ready to assist our clients with sales and technical support.  As a private family owned company PRL places great value and emphasis on customer service and satisfaction.  This work ethic is what has made PRL the successful company that we have become, in business for over 20 years.