Looking for reflective glass that offers a number of benefits and a broad spectrum of colors? PRL’s architectural reflective glass is the way to go. Offering over 10 popular industry standard colors, reduced glare, additional performance and more, this glass has a lot to offer.

Due to its reflective properties, this architectural glass offer many advantages for a variety of exterior applications. With its ability to decrease the amount of natural light that’s transmitted into a building, reflective glass is a great way to reduce energy costs, glare and a need for window coverings. Ideal for creating privacy, this performance glass allows you to see out of a building while its reflective coating prevents people from seeing in.

PRL can also fit reflective glass in a number of insulated glass units to achieve even more benefits. Offering increased performance values such as additional sound control and energy efficiency, this architectural glass can also increase or decrease exterior reflectivity.

For premium quality glass products you can be sure of, contact PRL. Offering a number of benefits in a large assortment of colors, our architectural reflective glass won’t disappoint. 800-433-7044.