Buy bullet resistant glass at PRL. Thinner and lighter than others on the market. Rendered in threat levels 1-8, these interlayers easily fit into door glazing pockets storefronts, bandit barriers and more. Our bullet resistant glass guards against many weapons and ammunitions. Sold in vast interlayer thicknesses, make-ups and colors, our laminated safety glass will meet your needs.

Bullet Resistant Glass Features:

  • Interlayer Material: Proprietary blend of PVB & polycarbonate
  • Satisfies Building Codes: Meets UL 752 & NIJ 0108.01 standards
  • Front & Back Glass Protection: Outstanding ammunition & glass breakage defense
  • No-Spall Ballistic Protection: High-velocity impacts at 15ft. from the target

Bullet Resistant Glass for Framed Projects / Applications:

  • Interior & exterior entry doors
  • Sidelines, & glass surrounds
  • Storefronts, curtainwalls & cashier windows
  • Fencing, gates, cubicles & more!

Interlayer Make-Ups & Colors:

Glass Sizes & Laminated Thicknesses:

  • Max Panel Sizes: Up to 60″ x 96″
  • Interlayer Thicknesses: Based on threat level. Higher levels = thicker overalls

Shop bullet resistant glass for framed projects. Our thinner and lighter laminates are great for framed projects. Check out PRL’s Live Chat! Whether you need help with billing, delivery or orders, we’ll get you answers on the spot.

Order PRL’s Laminated Bullet Resistant Glass. Laminated Safety Glass with Numerous Benefits.

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