Looking for bullet resistant glass laminates that deliver outstanding security? Shop at PRL. Available in a spectrum of make-ups and colors, we render laminated glass for threat levels 1-8. Guarding against a volume of weaponry and ammunition, our bullet resistant glass is perfect for entrance doors, cashier windows, and more.

PRL’s Bullet Resistant Glass Laminates for Ammunition Levels 1-8

Get the job done with a variety of bullet resistant levels from us. For level 3 we generate 1.10″ standard overall thickness, the overall thickness depends on the threat level. Furnished in clear and a range of shades, we bond proprietary blends of PVB and polycarbonate to layers of glass. Thinner and lighter than others on the market.

Feel safe. Insist on PRL’s bullet resistant glass laminates for your corporate and residential projects. Granting exceptional no-spall ballistic protection, these products conforms to UL 752 and NIJ 0108.01 standards. Our bullet Resistant laminated glass provide superior defense at the front and backside of the glass. Manufacturing all safety panels in our facility, we produce maximum standard sizes up to 48″ x 96″ and custom sheets up to 60″ x 96″.

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