PRL is reliable for one reason and that is because we manufacture our own aluminum doors all in-house. Based out of  Southern California PRL will simplify your purchasing by providing you with a complete glazed door systems, along with hardware, panic devices, locks, access controls, pulls, handles, and more all ready to install. ( With FREE local delivery!!)
We take pride in being a different California glass and aluminum company with our quality and fast lead times! We continue to cater to our business partners with the best customer service and glazing solutions!

PRL’s aluminum doors and store fronts are available online 24/7 (register today!).

The Designer Aluminum Door Series is very elegant and will give you a unique, custom door look. We have different stiles available such as narrow (2”), medium (3-1/2”), and wide stile (5-1/8”), PRL Aluminum customizes doors with inner muntins or surface applied grids. The inner muntins and grids vary in size and can make shapes such as: squares, octagons, rectangles…

Add a corporate logo to your door as we do custom sandblasting as well.

Simply supply us your custom Aluminum door specifications and let us take care of the rest Toll Free 800-433-7044.