For interior Classic Full Framed sliding doors that will enchant as long as they last, contact us.
At PRL, we take pride in supplying beautiful, top-notch aluminum and glass products. Our cladded full framed interior sliders are no different.

Constructed with durable, premium quality aluminum frames in a host of dazzling finishes, PRL’s full framed sliding doors are a great alternative for interior entryways. Offered in various cladded or painted finishes, these cladded sliders blend nicely with any décor.

PRL’s classic full framed sliding doors are the ideal way to create an illusion of spaciousness. Designed with maximum visibility in mind, these interior sliders are constructed with minimal seams and extrusions without visible glass stops. The result? Stunning, expansive glass views for interior entryways that seamlessly join rooms together.

Available with single or multiple sliding glass panels, PRL’s full framed sliding doors afford easy operation. Utilizing a bottom roller system equipped with tandem rollers, these interior sliders glide smoothly and effortlessly on their tracks.

Designed to accept ¼” – 1″ glass thicknesses, our cladded sliding doors can be fitted with a large selection of glass types. Offering everything from the finest tempered glass to intricately sandblasted glass designs, it’s easy to see why PRL has become the preferred glass type supplier in the glazing industry.

PRL’s interior cladded full frame sliding door systems. Once you have it, you’ll love it. Deal direct with us and get the best aluminum and glass buying experience. PRL Glass & Aluminum– we’re dedicated to great products.