PRL glass interior sliding systems offer the perfect solution where total vision is required.

Glass sliders provide elegance, high quality and easy installation.

PRL MAX Sliding Aluminum Door Systems were designed and engineered with the vision of creating maximum sizes sliding entrance systems for inline or 90 degree. These doors will allow for the maximum view possible. To achieve this we have incorporated a streamlined but heavy-duty aluminum design. The 3” interlock stile has a quad seal  and a dual seal in the lead stile to weather seal the door .

  • Cancun series is a bottom rolling sliding door system with a solid aluminum bottom track and a stainless steel guide that assists the 3” HD rollers in running smoothly.
    • 1” ultra Narrow  & 3” medium vertical door stile.(no glass stops)
      • Receives ¼”,3/8”,1/2” and 1-1/4” IG Units.
  • Center lock housing (used with 1” Ultra Narrow stile)
  • HD tandem 3” stainless steel rollers (capacity 350 lbs. ea.)
  • Cabo series is a top rolling sliding door system with a very slender stainless steel guide at the bottom.
    • Automatic custom-design sill drop seal
    • HD top nylon rollers (capacity 175 lbs. ea.)

We recommend our Max sliding doors not to exceed 132” height.

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MAX Sliding Doors

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