PRL’s Custom Flex Posts and Systems for Handrails and Guardrails is the perfect solution for your next railing project. Whether it’s a large commercial project or a private pool enclosure PRL’s Stainless Steel Flex Posts can help you achieve quick and attractive results for interior or exterior railing applications. Our Custom Flex Posts are just that…”flexible”, and our adjustable stand-offs can easily adapt to special angles on your job conditions. With our in-house full capacity metal fabrication capabilities we can create Custom Posts to any height, shape and form with maximum accuracy and craftsmanship. All our Handrail/Guardrail Posts offer strength, durability and safety required for a railing system, while enhancing the appearance of your project with elegance and style! Combined with our many heavy tempered or laminated glass options PRL makes putting together a complete railing project cost effective, quick and beautiful!

At PRL our goal is to provide our customers with profitable solutions and successful results!