PRL offers access/egress hardware with various door locking mechanisms options, among them are deadbolt pulls. The Bolt mechanism is concealed inside the tubing providing a very elegant and clean look. The deadbolt can get unlocked to open position with the exterior lock cylinder and therefore make a door more resistant to an unauthorized entry. One of the best benefits, is that it will provide a comfortable locking and unlocking height.

PRL’s DEADBOLT line convenient options:
• Manufactured standard as a round tube with a square tube option. Feature an inconspicuous lock housing that operates securely from outside with key cylinder and from inside with a convenient thumb-turn.
• Offers a locking option at the head or floor
• The pulls are custom manufactured to specific lengths on request, either full or half with an ergonomically comfortable locking mechanism height
• The Pulls are manufactured in stainless steel that add a contemporary appearance.
We can offer you a complete door system ready to install.

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