PRL would like to thank everyone who participated in our first online order entry contest! We are very happy to see how fast it has exploded in popularity. Our First Online Order Entry was such a success that PRL will be continuing it for another trimester.

PRL would like to congratulate the following Tornado Winners who were selected for the First Trimester Online Order Contest:

Prize “A” : one iPod Mini

  • Superior Glass in Los Angeles, CA
  • Anthony’s Glass in Las Vegas , NV
  • Malibu Glass in Malibu, CA

Prize “B” : one 8″ Suction Cup & one case of Mirror Mastic

  • Lemon Grove Glass in Lemon Grove, CA
  • A & S Glass in Los Angeles, CA
  • Midwest Glass in Palm Desert, CA

Prize “C” : one case of Mirror Mastic & one case of Silicone

  • Glenview Glass in El Cajon, CA
  • D & G Window in El Cajon, CA
  • Crystal Glass in Santa Ana, CA

PRL’s Second Trimester Online Order Entry Contest will run from May 1 – July 31!

Contest runs May 1 thru July 31, 2013. Each prize option will have a total of 3 quantities and one prize will be awarded per winner during the promotional period, for a total of nine winners. Entries are limited to one entry per account per day, even if multiple orders are placed in the same day. Prize A includes one iPod Mini; Prize B includes one 8″ suction cup with a case of mirror mastic and Prize C includes one cases of clear silicone with a case of mirror mastic. The winning customer will be chosen at random from all qualified entries at the end of the promotional period. Winners will be contacted via email, no later than August 10, 2013.

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