Shop full framed aluminum entrance doors at PRL Glass & Aluminum. Our cladded door stiles have a lot to offer.

Available individually or as complete entry packages, this product line can stand up to the heaviest of demands. Our full framed doors are produced in-house. Furnishing a large collection of glass types and architectural metal finishes, these cladded doors make for spectacular front access ways.

At PRL, we render five aluminum door stiles. Manufactured without visible glass stops, our 3″ narrow, 4″ medium and 5 ½” wide vertical stiles boast a clean, minimal-seam look. Our 7/8″ and 1 5/6″ ultra-narrow vertical stiles create generous glass views. Delivered with a host of options, these full framed aluminum doors can meet vast front entrance specifications. Accepting a wide variety of glass types in ¼” to 1″thicknesses, we can accommodate your needs.
Whether your plans call for tempered, laminated, insulated, or a decorative glass type such as textured, sandblasted or colored, our glass selection can’t be beat.

For the best inventory of full framed aluminum entry doors, buy with PRL. We’re the top supplier in Los Angeles County. Sign in and shop with us online! Convenient and easy to use, you can receive a quote and order your glass products 24/7.

Also be sure to check out our newest video on Full Frame Cladded Doors.