Get in on the advantages of PRL’s custom glass countertops. Just as durable as marble or granite, this product’s ideal for a variety of business and home applications. Its heavy tempered glass surface is perfect for kitchens, baths, wet bars and more. Available in a boundless array of sizes, shapes, edges and glass types, our countertops bring remarkable form and function to a host of interiors.

Custom Glass Countertops. Create a Masterpiece at PRL Glass & Aluminum!

Need a custom glass countertop for your proposal? Fabricated in-house with our robot polishers and computerized cutting tables, we can render virtually any shape or dimension. Whether your plans call for specialized pattern cuts, hole diameters or intricate notching, our countertops shine in restaurants, hotels and retail stores. Offered in a wide assortment of corners and edges, we generate the finest dubbed, radius and squared corners as well as bullnose edges, ocean surf designs and double bevels.

Our glass types make for limitless options. Supplied mostly in heavy glass thicknesses, we can accommodate numerous specifications. Produced in clear tempered and laminated glass types in addition to vast spandrel colors, textured patterns and sandblasted images, our glass countertops are sure to wow.

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