PRL is raising the bar with new and improved features on all our Glass Door Exit Device Systems and Panic Door Hardware.

Our glass door panic device has three unique features that the other exit device systems do not have.

  1. 1.       Tested to 1.3 million cycles of operation.  (most ever on a glass door exit device)
  • Industry acceptance average is 500,000 cycles.
  1. 2.       This glass door exit device will accommodate doors up to 10 ft. tall. (UL approved)
  • Only panic/glass door exit device in the USA and Canada that has the certification for a 10’ door height.
  1. 3.       Fastest lead-times in the industry.  (unmatched service)
  • 3 days std. lead-time
    • § Next Day Available

Other features and panic door hardware;

  • Various  Panics & Dead Bolts styles
    •  Innovative  tubular Options
    • Std. & custom  exterior handles configurations
    • Dummy handles
    • Std. & custom finishes
    • Secure cylinder/ key housing
    • door stop/ strike bracket
    •  Electric strike option

It’s proven that PRL’s glass panic device is now the most reliable and strongest the industry!!!