PRL’s Rapid Railing System is breaking boundaries in innovation by integrating LED strip lighting for ambiance design concepts in residential and commercial projects. This allows you to now create your handrails and guardrails as the focal points of your showcase. Low iron glass is recommended for the best results.

The Rapid’s top cap and bottom base have raceways which allow for LED strip lighting installation.

Also by adding a simple remote controlled PWD LED dimmer (using a 60W plug in power supply) you can easily bring light to your custom railing at any time and from anywhere. This railing system is very simple, fast to install, and a money labor saver. Our goal is to supply the glazing contractor with a fully customized and complete railing system. We are able to handle the entire job for you. Our railing division staff is ready to assist you on your next project. Please send us your dimensions and we will take care of the rest.

The Rapid Railing System performs like no other and is proven to be a money saver!