In addition to our large inventory of tinted glass, PRL now stocks a new 3/8″ green tinted glass! Green glass reduces solar heat and increase energy efficiency. Green glass is a soothing, light-green glass that is part of the Blue & Green Tinted Glass collection. Color glass is introduced to the architectural community and launched an unparalleled heritage of energy-saving performance and exceptionally attractive looks. With its new identity, Green glass will remain an industry standard for spectrally selective performance – a role it has played for more than a half-century. Green glass 3/8″ can be laminated, tempered or heat strengthened to increase safety and strength.

3/8″ Green Tinted Glass

  • Exceptional Visible Light Transmittance (Vlt)
  • Good Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (Shgc)
  • Excellent Light to Solar Gain (Lsg)
  • Reduce Heat Gain and Glare

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