For an outstanding selection of handrail and guardrail glass, you can’t beat PRL of Southern California. We offer a limitless supply of tempered and tempered laminated products for railing systems. Available in a large assortment of clear and decorative glass types, we can produce everything from oversized panels to captivating all-glass railing designs. Fabricating all glass products in-house with state-of-the-art machinery and technology, our handrail and guardrail glass capabilities are unmatched.

At PRL, we furnish a wide range of glass sizes and thicknesses for handrails and guardrails. We fabricate tempered glass panels up to 110″ x 190″ and laminated panels up to 96″ x 155″. Providing standard glass thicknesses in ¼”, 3/8″, ½” and 9/16″, we can also render custom thicknesses ranging from ¾” to 3″. For greater strength and durability, these products can be laminated with SentryGlas® interlayers in addition to a number of premium quality PVB interlayers.

Affording the finest glass fabrication, we can create an endless array of custom railing designs and decorative glass types. Whether your handrail or guardrail calls for specialty edgework, intricate notching, or sectional glass balusters, PRL can craft it all. Want to give your railing system a one-of-a-kind touch? We can generate an exquisite medley of textured glass patterns, glue chip borders and sandblasted graphics. Also offering colored spandrel and laminated glass in a vast selection of whites, blues, greens and more, we deliver dazzling hues to match your vision and décor. Look at our video to see our railing glass process.

PRL’s handrail and guardrail glass. For an unlimited collection, deal direct with us. Simply provide us with your CAD drawings and we’ll take care of the rest. Your order will arrive fabricated to your specifications with all holes predrilled and ready to install. Watch our included video blast to see what we can do for you!