Explore Easy locking ladder pulls at PRL. See why our handles are so easy to use. Ideal for a host of standard and oversized doors, you’ll find out all this hardware has to offer. Below we cover a variety of locking ladder pull questions. You’ll discover what lengths, profiles and finishes you can get as well as which custom shapes we make. Suitable for a number of door styles, these are handles you can’t bid without. Keep reading to learn more!

Why Are Locking Ladder Pulls So Easy to Use?

  • Concealed deadbolts located at waist height
  • 2 Locking Options: Key from outside or thumb turn on inside
  • Makes securing doors simple & convenient

Can I Lock These Handles in More Than One Location?

  • Yes. Deadbolts can be secured in a couple locations
  • Half Length Ladder Pulls: Lock at head or below
  • Full Length Ladder Pulls: Lock at head and/or above finished floor

How Many Ladder Pull Lengths Do You Render?

  • Which Glass Thicknesses Will They Accommodate?
  • Available Lengths: 48”, 60”, 72”, 84” & custom
  • Glass Thicknesses Accepted: 3/8”, ½” & ¾”

What Handle Profiles, Shapes & Finishes Can I Order?

  • Standard Profiles: Round or square
  • Custom Shapes: Hexagons, diamonds, S-shapes & more
  • Finishes: Brushed & polished stainless steel, custom paints

Where Can Your Ladder Pulls Be Used? Which Kind of Doors?

  • Interior & exterior entrances
  • Swing & sliding access doors
  • All-glass, aluminum & full-framed cladded entries
  • Gates & wine cellar doors

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Easy Locking Door Ladder Pulls

Easy locking ladder pulls. Shop at PRL and get convenient, easy-to-use handles for multiple door styles. That’s right. With us, it all adds up to better. Check out PRL’s Live Chat! We can help you with billing, product questions and more!

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