Increase energy efficiency with low E glass at PRL. We carry a large selection of the best hard and soft coats Low E glass in the industry. Perfect for exterior commercial and residential applications, this solar control product meets high performance needs for curtain walls, multi-sliding entries, entrance doors and more. Available in a variety of thicknesses, our inventory of low E glass hard and soft coats can accommodate a wide array of specifications.

One of the most popular solar control materials used today, low E glass offers a number of benefits. These hard and soft coats feature low-medium reflectivity, low solar heat gain coefficients and the highest visible light transmission. Decreasing the amount of heat transmitted into a building without compromising the amount of light, low E glass significantly improves overall heating, cooling and lighting costs. And, when combined with IG units, these coatings can yield even higher energy performance.

At PRL, we manufacture all low E glass in-house with our diverse inventory of hard and soft coats. Furnished in 1/8″, 3/16″ and 1/4″ thicknesses, we use popular manufacturer’s coatings such as Sunguard® by Guardian, and Solarban® by Vitro. Our facility operates a total of four tempering ovens daily. Convection tempering systems specializing in soft coats, these furnaces enable us to offer the fastest low E glass lead-times in the industry as well as next day service.

Watch our most current video on Low E glass coatings here. Reduce heating and cooling costs by shopping with us. We have solar control products that meet your needs. Get CAD, BIM and specs for Low E glass and many of our other product lines on our ARCAT® page. Download yours now!