Get in on the benefits of MirroView™ TV glass. Bid at PRL! Ideal for game rooms, kitchens, lobbies and bars, this reflective coating hides TV screens and monitors. Turning them into mirrors, images are concealed when turned off. Then pictures display clearly when turned on. Commercial or residential, MirroView™ glass is a great choice. Its lifelong pyrolytic coating is not only durable and protects TV screens, but also makes them easier to clean and transport.

MirroView™ TV Glass Features:

  • Highly durable pyrolytic material
  • Chemically fused to glass
  • Cleans, transports & handles easily
  • Virtually unlimited lifespan!

Fabrication Options:

  • Can be tempered
  • Light tints available upon request
  • Offered Thickness: ¼”
  • Offered Sizes: Consult us for limitations

MirroView™ glass at PRL. Innovate your customers TV screens with us. Once they have it, they’ll love it. Get easy, contact-free shopping! Use PRL’s 24/7 online ordering system. Buy without the hassle of masks now!

Get MirroView™ Glass at PRL. Turn TV Screens into Stylish Mirrors! See How It Works!

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