PRL is proud to introduce its NEW Accordion Sliding Bifold Door System. The versatile door system is designed with beautiful architectural characteristics.

The doors are built of aluminum and tempered IG units that make them very durable, strong, and long lasting.

Doors and frame are thermally broken for increased energy efficiency and the ability to have differing finishes inside and out.

Our exterior aluminum bifold doors can glazed with 1″ dual pane insulating units or 1 5/16″ triple pane insulating glass for maximum energy efficiency.

These doors can be used in a wide range of applications and configurations. The great advantage of Bifold sliding doors is that they can be stacked, creating a completely unobstructed opening.

PRL will make it easy for you! Send us your dimensions and we will take care of the engineering. We offer Complete Door Systems and Packages including all door hardware and framing.