Provider: PRL Glass/Aluminum
Project: Tru Foods Store @ Santa Monica
Glazing Contractor: AALC Commercial
Architect: FITCH Architecture
PRL is proud to announce our NEW Curtain Wall System, We are pleased to have seen the first complete project completed.
This first project was chosen very carefully. We chose a job that was manageable but also had some architectural features to it. We also wanted a great and loyal customer with a high level of expertise that we knew would perform to the high standards of PRL.)
The segmented in plan façade compliments the architectural features of the Tru Foods store in Santa Monica CA.
The tall span required PLCW-700 mullions for wind load and the segmenting required
PLCW-600 horizontals.
PRL entrance doors where to be homogeneous to the wall.
The glass IG units make up was SN-68 Low-e coated product over clear tempered also supplied by PRL.
Coastal location demanded excellent water control.
The city of Santa Monica is a very progressive city demanding energy efficient products. The PRL curtain wall was certified to U=0.45 and an SHGC = 0.40.
The versatility of the curtain wall certainly showed how well it performs by bringing all these features together. It’s wonderful to be able to offer a complete curtain wall system complete from A-Z.
Our gratitude and thanks go to Darren Staff of AALC Commercial and FITCH Architecture.
Glass Curtain Walls designed and engineered for maximum performance with the highest quality assurance. Suitable for low, mid and high-rise applications.