PRL is pleased to announce that, we now offer the new white translucent structural SentryGlas®. The white SentryGlas® will have the same structure properties as the clear SentryGlas®, but now in a translucent white for creating a sense of privacy or special aesthetic effect. There is no other structural interlayer with the same broad performance as SentryGlas® available in a translucent white. You can receive laminated SentryGlas® product from us within 5 days.

Values of Laminated SentryGlas®:

• Super Strength (5 times tougher, up 100 times stiffer than traditional interlayer
• Tolerates high stress loads (bolted & frameless glass).
• Improves Long term weather resistance.
• Less vulnerable to moisture.
• Reduces deflection & withstands greater wind forces.

• Stronger glass before & after breakage.
• Protects against large impacts and bigger storms.
• Higher architectural performing structural Laminated Glass.
• Hurricane & Bomb Blast resistant.

• Greater security & protection.
• Noise reduction.
• Improves energy efficiency.
• Higher performing structural interlayer.