PRL’s online ordering and quoting glass products is a quick, convenient, way to place orders and receive quotes 24/7- and without delay! Just another way PRL provides our customers with superior customer service!

From the top navigation menu on Select, Classic Quotes/Orders This will open a new window and allow you to place a glass order or receive a quote in just a few simple steps!

1). To log-in to your account, click on, “Log On,” in the upper right hand corner.

2). Using the navigation menu under, “Order/Quotes Online,” select a product from the drop-down menu.
Example: Glass (tempered or annealed) Mirror, IG Units, Laminated Glass, or Bullet Resistant.

Make your necessary specifications such as: Type of glass, quantity, dimensions, or any other instructions.

3). Select, “Place An Order/Get A Quote,” then PRL will send you a confirmation email.

It’s that easy, handy, and convenient!