Need bullet resistant glass for your next project? Shop at PRL! Our laminates deliver superior defense at the front and backside of the glass. Offering exceptional no-spall ballistic protection, these safety panels shield from ammunition and glass breakage. Our bullet-resistant glass is available in threat levels 1-8. Rendered in multiple sizes, interlayer thicknesses, make-ups, and colors, these laminated security panels will meet your specifications.

Bullet Resistant Glass Benefits:

Bullet Resistant Glass Features:

  • Tested to UL 752 & NIJ 0108.01 standards
  • Interlayer Material: Proprietary blend of PVB, TPU & Polycarbonate
  • Thinner & Lighter than other laminates on the market!
  • Ideal for framed applications & easily fits into door glazing pockets

Available Laminated Make-Ups:

  • Glass Types: Annealed, heat strengthened & tempered
  • Safety Glass Sizes & Interlayer Thicknesses:
  • Custom Panel Sizes: Up to 60″ x 96″
  • Custom Interlayer Thicknesses: Determined by threat level. Higher levels = thicker overalls

Order Bullet Resistant Glass. Indoors or out, business or home, our laminates provide top-notch defense for your clients. Did you know? PRL’s an MBE supplier! That’s right. Learn all the benefits of teaming with us.

Order PRL’s Laminated Bullet Resistant Glass. Laminated Safety Glass with Numerous Benefits.

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