Explore PRL’s Max Aluminum patio doors. We render 2 patio door series. Both roller systems, and sharing many great features, we’ve complied a handy guide to determine which is right for you. Sold in 3 vertical stiles, these sliding doors can be made in one-way single pocket, two-way bypass, multi-track, and 90° configurations. Sporting heavy duty aluminum frames, Max sliders are durable and accept tempered, laminated and IG units in multiple thicknesses. Learn more about them below!

Max Aluminum Sliders / Patio Doors: Series Comparison:

The Cabo:

  • Top hung roller system
  • Slender stainless steel bottom floor guide
  • Transitions smoothly from one flooring surface to another

The Cancun:

  • Bottom roller system
  • Solid aluminum bottom track
  • Stainless steel guide accommodates any site concept

Cabo & Cancun Shared Features:

  • 1.75″ polymer rollers for standard size doors
  • Excellent energy efficiency, sound control & water protection
  • 3” jumbo polymer rollers for oversized doors
  • Hurricane impact rating for 3” stiles with laminated glass
  • Stainless steel adjustment screw bearings
  • Drop seal systems for maximum weather & sound protection
  • Interlocking stiles for smooth operation
  • Manufactured-in house with nail fin technology
  • Lowest profile sill AAMA rated for exterior use!
  • All doors & glass panels ship pre-glazed!

Max Aluminum Frame Finishes:

  • Clear anodized
  • Bronze anodized

Sliding Vertical Door Stiles:

  • 3” & 4” standard profiles
  • 1” ultra-narrow profile
  • Custom & oversized

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