Valued Customer:

We are sending you this letter to inform you that PRL Glass will increase prices on our flat glass products, effective on orders beginning Monday September 18, 2017. PRL has incurred price increases from our glass manufacturers. These increases have far outpaced our ability to recover these costs through our current efforts alone. PRL will provide price quote protection for orders that are released for production by October 18, 2017. Price protection is applicable be for projects over $ 10,000.00 or greater. In order for the project to qualify for price protection, you must provide a letter of intent to purchase identifying our quote number and job name. The letter of intent should be on your letter head and include project name, location, PRL sales quote number and anticipated purchase date. PRL must receive the letter of intent from you by Friday, September 15, 2017 for the project to be considered for price protection.

PRL Glass will implement the flat glass price increases by the percentages shown below:

  • Clear Glass ¼” and thinner 10%
  • Clear Glass 3/8″-3/4″ 5%
  • Tinted Glass 5%
  • Reflective Glass 5%
  • Low Iron Glass 5%
  • Low E Glass 5%
  • Mirror 5%
  • Fire Rated Glass 5%

Thank you for your ongoing business and support.

David Landeros
Sales/Marketing Director