At PRL we have been manufacturing All Glass Entrance Systems for over 25 years. Our unique position as one of the top ranked Glass and Metal Fabricators in the USA makes PRL the ideal supplier for your Heavy Glass Entry projects. We extrude all our aluminum door rails and frame systems in house. We stock a wide variety of metal sheet and do all shearing, forming and fabricating in house. Our technicians have years of experience with standard and custom hardware preparation and we stock a full line of patch fitting, closer, locking and pull hardware, as well as manufacture our own UL approved Tubular All Glass Panic Devices. PRL has also earned a reputation for being one of the very best heavy glass fabricators in the nation. While the metal part of your order is being processed, our glass division is busy fabricating the tempered and/or laminated glass for the entry, providing you a with a complete entrance system, assembled and ready for your installation. For all these reasons and more, we take great pride in offering our customers the highest quality Complete Entry Systems available, made in the USA, delivery included, with the fastest lead times in the industry!

We welcome you to contact our Entry Department for technical assistance, quotes and orders!