Add a splash of color to your interior or exterior application with PRL spandrel glass. Offered in an unlimited array of bold jewel-like colors and soft, gentle hues, this glass can bring commercial and residential projects to life.

At PRL, we stock a full line of over 15 standard spandrel glass colors and can create an endless selection of custom shades. Offering standard hues in a large variety of whites, blues, greens, blacks and more, we supply an abundance of choices to complement your décor. Utilizing a computerized color spectrophotometer and combining colored spandrel coatings, we can color match to your requirements and create virtually any custom shade. Consult PRL for details. Custom spandrel glass hues may be subject to price increases.

Beautiful in residences, offices, restaurants, hotels and more, spandrel glass is the ideal accent. The perfect companion for exterior curtain wall infill panels, this glass can also be used for interior accent walls, handrails, kitchen and bathroom countertops, back splashes and shower enclosure splash back walls.

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