Order PRL’s rapid dryset handrail base shoes to get in on the perks of our groundbreaking features. Suitable for mechanical or cemented applications, this product has a lot to offer. 35% lighter than the original heavy base shoe, these base shoes boast a higher strength and durability. Interchangeable drop-on covers make repairs a cinch, and our dryset design forgoes the need of messy cement. So, treat yourself to easy, innovative handrail installations. Specify and utilize our base shoes today.

Looking for a great selection of base shoes for your handrail or guardrail projects? PRL can assist you with your projects. We manufacturer all aluminum extrusions in-house, our components are available in standard 4” or 2 ¾” heights and rendered in 10 and 20 ft. stock lengths. And, with our state-of-the art extrusion press, we can produce virtually any custom length your handrails may require. Crafted from 6063-T5 aluminum, these dryset base shoes accept tempered and laminated glass thicknesses.

Win big with PRL’s handrail base shoes features and experience quick, effortless installation. With no special tools required, our 3” pressure plates secure glass panels into dryset assemblies seamlessly. Equipped with alignment connection pins, these parts easily maintain consecutive run alignments from one base shoe to another. And our interchangeable drop-on covers make replacing damaged pieces or changing finishes a piece of cake. Without removing the entire railing, they just drop right into place. These covers also feature internal glazing pockets embedded with vinyl so they’re easier to install and vinyl won’t fall out over time. Furnished in cladded, anodized, custom powder coated and Kynar painted finishes, our rapid dryset base shoes accent handrails strikingly.

Rapid dryset handrail base shoes. Don’t limit yourself to ordinary installations. Innovate them with our cutting-edge design! Buy with us online! Accessible from your laptop or device, we put shopping on the go.

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