Buy Rapid Dryset Sidelite & Door Rails at PRL
Mess-Free Installation for All-Glass Framing Doors and Sidelites!

Need hassle-free installation for your all-glass framing? Bid PRL’s rapid dryset sidelite rails. Extruded in-house in virtually any length, these sections are perfect for entry doors, partitions, glass displays, frameless storefronts and oversized glass surrounds. Using EPDM compression vinyl and a dry glaze method, set-up is a breeze without the mess of wet glazing. And we stock a huge inventory of all sizes so we can ship nationwide individual sidelite rails within 24 hrs. after ordering. Complete Systems available upon request, contact us for more details.

Rapid Dryset Sidelite Rail Features:

  • Mess-free installation!
  • Made with premium quality aluminum
  • Setting tracks assure proper alignment!
  • They secure sidelites to structures to align with door rails

Available Dryset Rails, Heights & Lengths:

  • Types: Top & bottom horizontal
  • Profiles: Tapered & square
  • Heights: 2 3/8” – 10”
  • Lengths: 120” & per your dimensions
  • Custom sizes & stacking modifications also rendered for unique design plans

Available Sidelite Rail Finishes:

  • Anodized: Clear & bronze
  • Cladded: Brushed & polished stainless steel, polished & satin brass
  • Custom: Powder coats & Kynar paints

Glass Framing Specs:

  • Glass Thicknesses Accepted: 3/8” – ¾”
  • Glass Type Options: Clear tempered, laminated, low iron, reflective, tinted & textured

Shop PRL’s Dryset Sidelite Rails for the Best in All-Glass Framing.

PRL’s rapid dryset sidelite rails. For all-glass projects and framing, they just add up to better. Deal direct with us today and see how! Got a rushed job? Expedite delivery with PRL’s Urgency Program! Available on most of our quotes and order confirmations.

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