PRL is a true single source supplier, extruding our own aluminum, and fabricating, tempering or laminating our own glass, PRL is raising the bar by providing you a stronger rapid handrail system. Our capabilities include in-house tube bending. Next day delivery of mill finished base shoe or top cap stock lengths on our trucks is not uncommon.

Currently we are excited and proud to announce that our PLHRDS 2-1/2″ x 4-1/8″ Rapid Dry-Set Base Shoe system has recently been tested and successfully met all requirements for the following standards: (This new test exceeds the normal standard handrail test).
• The test load criteria for rail and post members were 365 lbs concentrated load and 60 PLF uniformly distributed load to address the worst case end-use category loading defined in ASTM E 985
• ASTM E 935 standard test methods for performance of permanent metal railing systems and rails for buildings.
• ASTM E 985 standard specifications for permanent metal railing systems and rails for buildings.

More detailed information can be obtained in the test report NO.D6358.01-301-44 posted on our website