Reflective glass has some distinct design advantages, such as aesthetics and performance benefits.

PRL offers 11 different colors of Reflective Glass including various bronze, grey, green and blue tints. This range of color provides architectural flexibility in harmonizing with a building’s exterior design elements. Another unique feature of reflective glass is that it allows you to see out of a building while preventing people from seeing into the building. It also impacts the visible light that is transmitted into the building, allowing the right amount of natural light to enter while reducing glare and the need for window coverings. At PRL we can provide reflective glass in Insulated Units that will provide additional temperature and sound performance values. When used with the reflective coating to the exterior of a building (#1 surface), the glass has improved performance and higher exterior visible reflectivity. When used with the coating on the interior surface (#2 surface), the glass has lower exterior visible reflectivity while maintaining the substrate glass color. When used in conjunction with one of our many Low E glass products on the #3 surface of an IG unit, even greater energy performance can be achieved!
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