For the best in defense, don’t miss out on PRL’s bullet resistant glass. We supply threat levels ranging from 1-8! Rendered in a large assortment of sizes, thicknesses, make-ups and colors, this security product not only offers peace of mind, but versatility and style for professional and residential projects. Indoors or out, our laminated safety glass provides a number of beneficial features.

PRL’s Bullet Resistant Glass Levels:

  • Level 1: Ammunition caliber: 9 mm. Weapon resistance: Full metal jacket
  • Level 2: Ammunition caliber: .357. Weapon resistance: Magnum jacketed lead soft point
  • Level 3: Ammunition caliber: .44. Weapon resistance: Magnum lead semi wad-cutter gas checked
  • Level 4: Ammunition caliber: .30-06. Weapon resistance: Caliber rifle lead core soft point
  • Level 5: Ammunition caliber: 7.62 mm. Weapon resistance: Rifle lead core full metal copper jacket, military ball
  • Level 7: Ammunition caliber: 5.56 mm. Weapon resistance: Rifle full metal copper jacket with lead core
  • Level 8: Ammunition caliber: 7.62 mm. Weapon resistance: Rifle lead core full metal copper jacket, military ball

At PRL, we fabricate all bullet resistant glass in-house.

Using our proprietary blend of glass, PVB and poly carbonate, this laminated product offers a no-spall ballistic protection, scratch resistance, is thinner and lighter than others on the market while still satisfying building codes. Available in sizes up to 48″ x 96″, furnish security glass in 1″ standard overall thicknesses and thicker custom overalls depending on resistance level. With the ability to be produced in virtually any glass type or color, we can accommodate a host of architectural specifications.

You can count on our bullet resistant glass. Meeting requirements up to level 8 ammunitions, this product conforms to UL 752 and NIJ 0108.01 standards. While not considered physical attack or blast resistant, our safety glass offers superior defense at the front and backside of the glass against a variety of weaponry and ammunition. Delivering unrivaled security and no-spall ballistic protection, this laminated glass is perfect for retail stores, banks, homes and more.

PRL of Los Angeles County. We exist because smart customers deserve smart products. That’s why we supply the finest selection of bullet resistant glass. Check out our video to see all the advantages for yourself!