At PRL, it is our continuous goal to be the best glass and metal fabricator in the industry. To do so, we continue to invest in the latest state-of-the-art machine technology to offer our customers the highest quality products with the fastest lead-times.

Therefore, PRL is excited to announce the arrival of our NEW Robot Polisher System! Our new Flat and Miter Polishers with Robotic Handling System allows PRL to:

  • Speed up our production process system.
  • Provide automatic loading and unloading 24/7.
  • Automatization on some processes with high quality.
  • Achieve greater capacity and higher levels of production.
  • Continue to offer the Flat polish and miter edges with the highest quality edgework on all PRL glass products- including laminated glass.

At PRL we work around the clock to provide all your architectural glass and metal needs. You can depend on PRL for the best quality and the fastest lead-times in the glazing industry!

robot polisher system