The ever-growing popularity of our samson hydraulic door patch closer has been great hit for use on PRL Frameless Glass Doors. This is just another example of PRL’s commitment to provide innovative, economical solutions for our customer’s interior glazing applications.

PRL’s heavy duty Samson Patch Fitting Closer is not only a patch fitting, but a patch fitting and a closer- all in one! The hydraulic fitting is attractive, cost effective and a breeze to install. Best of all, it eliminates the need to core out the floor for a closer. Simply fasten the base plate to the floor, install your top pivot and the door will be operational! It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

Our Samson fitting is suitable for doors up to 300 lbs., widths of 30″-42″, and glass thickness from 3/8″-9/16″. The standard Europeans style top fitting is used in conjunction with the hydraulic bottom fitting and with the when security is necessary, PRL offers several attractive patch locks or locking ladder pulls to compliment then entry.

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