Find the perfect sandblasted glass design to complement your next project at PRL. Offering endless patterns, borders, logos and custom graphics, we can render limitless themes for a host of commercial and residential applications. Producing everything from one-dimensional to striking three-dimensional effects, our sandblasted glass can meet numerous architectural designs.

At PRL, fabricating custom glass designs is our specialty. Fabricated in-house by our master craftsmen, we utilize heavy tempered glass and the finest sandblasting techniques, hand drawn and computer generated images to render stunning, precise sandblasted glass designs. Whether your project calls for a simple image or a detailed oceanic, nature or mythical scene, we can bring your visions to life.

PRL’s Sandblasting Techniques:
Surface Etching (First Level of Sandblasting):
A single-stage option. As its name implies, only the surface of the glass is sandblasted to produce a one-dimensional, full opaque effect.

Surface Etching & Shading (Second Level of Sandblasting):
A multi-stage option. One piece at a time, every segment of the design is removed and sandblasted to produce shaded areas that gradually transition back to clear glass.

Carving & Shading (Third Level of Sandblasting):
Areas of glass are sandblasted longer to create deeper carved edges within the design that produce floating, three- dimensional sculpted effects.

Beautiful in a variety of commercial and residential applications, our sandblasted glass designs are the ideal way to bring personalization to entrance systems, sliding doors, table tops, shower enclosures and more. To help prevent staining and damage from cleaning products, we recommend Diamond Seal coating be applied to all sandblasted glass.