PRL has created a Cue card to assist us both to identify the different types of sealants and applications.

Our commitment is to always deliver “Value” the constant theme that permeates all successful businesses. If the value realized in the outcome of any decision or activity fails to exceed the time, effort and expense to achieve it, then much was lost. “Value” has always been at the core of PRL business practices.

We strive everyday to make sure that the outcome of your work, through use of our products and services, far exceeds your investment! It is for this reason that we encourage you to utilize PRL for all of your sealant and adhesive needs that go hand in hand in the use of our many residential and commercial glazing products.

Matching the right sealant or adhesive to the job you’re doing is important for a highly valued outcome. We are equipped with a complete inventory of sealants and adhesives to fit any need you may have. So, save yourself time, money and effort by adding PRL Sika sealant products to your next Glass/Aluminum order and you can be assured of delivering the highest value glazing products for your customers.