PRL is honored to release the news that we are now able to offer you Security Glass and Polycarbonate Bullet Resistant laminates. Our Bullet Resistant Glass & Polycarbonate design make up is a thinner and lighter alternative to all thicker glass products, while providing excellent no-spall ballistic protection. We have tested our Ballistic Bullet Resistant for levels 1-3 ammunition. Our level 3 ammunition over all thickness is 1”!


  • I     9mm Full Metal Copper Jacket
  • II   .357 Magnum
  • III 44 Magnum

We are also introducing a new Acid Etched Mirror product for the modern decor.  These new mirrors are elements that will play a very important role in the world of decoration. Trends of modern architecture are demanding products that in addition to providing comfort provide innovative effects to create unique, indoor environment comfort. The diversity of these new mirrors, allows designers, decorators, owners and architects create and renew spaces that meet their creative needs.

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