PRL’s Spandrel Glass continues to be a very popular design option for interior applications, particularly in Bathrooms!

It is a perfect companion to All Glass Shower Units with attractive color options and a convenient easy maintenance smooth surface specially if Diamond seal coating is applied, as shower Splash Back Wall and Sink Counters, which provide a modern accent.

PRL stocks a full line of standard colors with a very fast lead time. An extensive line of custom colors are available with a little more lead time and We apply all spandrel coatings in our facility and stock a full line of standard colors in-house. These glass orders ship with very fast lead-times. We also provide unlimited custom hues and color matching services. Outsourcing these items to ICD then applying their coatings in-house, lead-times take a little longer. Please contact our office for details. Please contact our office for assistance.

Thank you for the opportunity!