PRL Spandrel Glass a water based elastomeric coating that provides the optimum in glass opacification! Spandrel colored glass has become a popular design option for both interior and exterior applications, offering solutions for residential as well as commercial projects.

Our Wall Clad Spandrel is ideal for interior applications as a complete wall covering. It also works great on commercial exteriors as a means of glazing on multi-story buildings, hiding the mechanical components between floors (fallout protection).

Since spandrel coating can be used on the back side of any type of glass, it allows architects/designers to harmonize their reflective/tinted vision glass specifications with a complementary spandrel color on the non-vision glass areas.

We stock a full line of standard colors with a very fast lead time. An extensive line of custom colors are available with a little more lead time or we can color match to your specific requirements.

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