Deal direct with PRL and learn about laminated SentryGlas®. Made with high performance structural interlayers, this safety glass is perfect for homes and commercial, healthcare and hospitality industries. Delivering superior post-breakage stability, SentryGlas® meets building codes. SentryGlas® interlayer is perfect for handrail systems significantly stronger and more rigid than standard PVB interlayers. PRL also recommended for entrance doors, sliding doors and more. Offered in clear and translucent white laminates, we fabricate this product in several make-ups and sizes. And you can get it in 2 weeks!

Laminated SentryGlas®. When Do I Need High Performance? Find Out at PRL of City of Industry!

Structural Laminated SentryGlas® FAQ’s:
Will This Product Meet Safety Standards & Laminated Architectural Flat Glass Regulations?
Yes. High performance SentryGlas® satisfies both ANSI and ASTM standards.

How Does SentryGlas® Provide Excellent Post-Breakage Stability?
5 times stronger, and 100 times more rigid than traditional PVB’s, this safety glass remains standing in one piece when broken. Its structural interlayer absorbs energy impacts and enables the sheet to flex and bend as a whole. So if the glass breaks, it remains attached to the interlayer in one piece.

Shop Laminated SentryGlas® at PRL online. Accommodating the demands for your high performance needs, we’re the place to shop. Call now to get yours! 800-433-7044. Got a question about this product? Click PRL’s Live Chat icon on our homepage! We’ll give you answers lickety-split.

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