At PRL, we offer a large assortment of textured glass for interior residential and commercial applications. Furnishing an impressive range of patterns and styles, our textured glass is the ideal way to create privacy and add a decorative touch.

Available in 1/8″ to ½” glass thicknesses, our textured glass collection can satisfy a wide variety of tastes.

We provide a premium selection of acid etched and low iron acid etched glass, over 15 popular textured glass styles such as Bamboo, Water Flemish and more.. Also supplying a host of standard and custom GlueChip borders and patterns, you can rest assured we have what you need.

Stunning in an array of applications, PRL’s textured glass is a great way to create an inviting atmosphere. Perfect for the home or business, this glass is ideal for shower doors, partitions, vestibules, glass doors, and more.

Offering a medley of patterns ranging from simple to ornate, we make it easy to furnish your interior with privacy and style.

PRL Glass & Aluminum. We exist because great customers deserve great products.