PRL’s expanded our textured glass line! View our new textured splash glass design and bring even more design choices to your proposals. Featuring beautiful swirls in a splash, this exciting new texture is a must-have for interiors and exteriors. Perfect for office cubicles, shower enclosures, handrails and more, our textured Splash glass is one you won’t want to miss.

New Textured Splash Glass Design

For textured Splash glass that will meet your specifications, deal direct with us. Fabricated in our facility, we produce a huge range of standard and oversized decorative glass panels for commercial and residential applications. Now available in a new Splash pattern, we offer even more choices than before. Rendered in ¼” and 3/8” thicknesses, this textured glass fits a variety of windows and entrance doors.

In addition to PRL’s new textured Splash glass, we also furnish a large scope of other textured glass options. Delivered in 1/8” and ½” thicknesses, our inventory includes over 15 popular textured designs as well as acid etched and low iron acid etched styles. Generating the finest sandblasted and glue chip embellishments up to ¾” thick, we can depict everything from simple classic borders to intricate glass illustrations, logos and themes.

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