Shop bullet resistant glass products at PRL and learn about our laminated safety glass. Sold with interlayers for threat levels 1-8, you’ll find out how this glass is made, it protects against high-velocity impacts and what sheet sizes and laminated thicknesses you can get. Fabricating all bullet resistant glass in-house, we render a variety for corporate projects. Ideal for bandit barriers and transaction windows, these interlayers also increase security for homes and doors.

PRL’s Bullet Resistant Glass for Ammunition Levels 1-8

What size bullet resistant glass panels and laminated thicknesses can I buy at PRL? You can specify sizes up to 60″ x 96″. Our safety glass can be purchased in ranges of interlayer thicknesses and colors starting at 1″ overalls. The greater the resistance level the thicker the overall becomes, so we create level 3 bullet resistant glass in 1.10″ thicknesses and higher security levels in thicker overalls. Thinner and lighter than others on the market, our laminates easily fit into door glazing pockets, don’t carry excessive weight for framed applications and, meeting UL 752 and NIJ 0108.01 standards, satisfy building codes. Download Bullet Resistant Brochure.

Bid bullet resistant glass products with us. We furnish laminated interlayers for threat levels 1-8. Check out PRL’s new Live Chat! Accessible from the lower right corner of our website, it’s a great way to stay connected during social distancing. We can answer all your questions and provide any product or ordering support you may need. Find our latest COVID-19 updates here.

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