For a vast array of custom interior glass, bid at PRL. Our first-rate capabilities yield first-rate products. Beautiful in businesses and homes, we produce everything from custom cut-outs and handcrafted edges for mirrors, decorative wall designs, railing panels and more. Our experts render custom interior glass to your exact specs. Using our high-tech equipment, we can generate nearly any size, shape or fabrication your project may require. Call now to order! 800-433-7044.

Custom Interior Glass Capabilities:

  • Detailed notching
  • Handcrafted edges & unrivaled corners
  • Custom cut-outs & patterns
  • Hole diameters per your plans
  • Complex geometric glass shapes

Custom Glass Products:

  • Patterned laminated interlayer make-ups
  • Segmented railing panels
  • Oversized & sectional mirrors
  • Cubicles, partitions & privacy walls
  • Infill panels, backsplashes & wall designs

High Tech Equipment:

  • 4 oversized tempering ovens
  • State-of-the-art lamination line
  • Glass cutting line with CAD processing
  • 6 robot glass polishers
  • Waterjet cutting system

Custom Decorative Interlayers:

  • Pattern cut-outs & elaborate shapes
  • Wire mesh & wood veneers
  • Fine fabrics, lace, and more!

Custom Surface & Deep Carved Sandblasted Glass:

  • Infinite graphics, themes, borders & logos
  • One-dimensional full opaque effects
  • Shading that transitions to clear glass
  • Meticulous three-dimensional sculpted effects

PRL’s ornamental glass. Buy with us and get your heart’s desire! You can count on our quality. Land those big government contracts by ordering with us! An MBE supplier since 2017, PRL’s the place to shop. Learn more about Decorative Glass!

Decorative Glass Types. Turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary at PRL!

Learn more about PRLs DECORATIVE GLASS and add your own custom glass touch to your customer’s home or office.

Fastest lead-times in the industry!

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